A day in eastern Oahu

Thursday, February 23, 2017

After a restful evening at the hotel with a slightly ill Perry, the next day we were off for another adventure. We got up early and headed east - to Diamond Head. We knew we had to get their early if we wanted to find parking so we hit the road sometime around 7 am. Downside...we had to get across the Island, and through Honolulu, during rush hour. This particular morning was not a good traffic day - due to multiple accidents on the interstate H1 - pretty much the only road option. So what should have taken 45 minutes took an extra hour but it ended up fine. We were sure to get out of doge and back to Ko'olina before rush hour happened again that afternoon.

Diamond Head was awesome. Perry was such a trooper climbing the mountain (which we disclosed to him later that it used to be a volcano....because we wouldn't have gotten him up it otherwise). He walked nearly the whole thing on his little legs...all the way to the steep stairs at the end which we carried him up.

The views are so great from the top. Feels like you are on top of the world.

While we were there we had to take the quintessential picture by the national monument sign. And dug up the very same picture from 8.5 years ago on our honeymoon when we looked like children...and before we had children of our own. It was fun to be back where it all began and this time share it with Perry. Appears their signage has had a nice facelift in the last 8 years too.

circa 2008:

and 2017:

After we made it back down the mountain and rewarded ourselves for a hike well done with some fruit smoothies from the little food truck at the bottom, we headed a little further east with a goal of going to see the blow hole and snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. The former worked just fine and we spent a few minutes watching the waves crash and the blow hole doing its thing.

Then we struck out at Hanauma Bay. It is another one of those places you need to get to early to get parking...and if the parking lot fills up they stop letting people in. We had heard such good things about the snorkeling and turtles that call the Bay home but we just couldn't go. You really need to do Diamond Head and Hanauma Bay on different days so that you can start a day in each place...but with our hotel being so far away and only having a car for the first half of our trip that was not a feasible plan. Ultimately we decided to head back west and stop of lunch in Honolulu (at this little hole in the wall place called the Rainbow Drive In) on our way back to the hotel where we spent the rest of the day playing in the pool and lazy river.

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