A day in southern Oahu

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A little about the way we structured our January Hawaii trip...we stayed at Aulani (the Disney Resort and Spa) for the whole stay but only rented a car for the first half (the nights we were staying on our vacation club points and therefore had free parking included). This forced our plans to do what we wanted out and about around the Island in those early days...and then nestle in and enjoy the resort at the end.

This plan worked out pretty well. We were able to get ourselves from the airport to the hotel, with a stop off at a grocery to get some food and supplies to have in the room (and save $$ on hotel food costs). 

Our first day out around the Island we headed south into downtown Honolulu to take on Pearl Harbor, chinatown, and the zoo.

We knew we needed to be at Pearl Harbor early to make sure we got tickets for the Arizona memorial...they give out 1400 free tickets each day but it is first come first serve. It worked out because with the time change we were plenty ready to be up bright and early. We arrived 15 minutes or so before they opened the ticket counter and found our place at the back of a long line that had already formed. It moved quick though and we happily got tickets for an early morning tour of the Arizona. Perry did great through the movie intro and his visit to the sunken battleship. He was quite curious and asked lots of questions which we did our best to answer honestly without getting to graphic or gory. But he clearly understood that the boat was bombed and sank with a lot of people on board who couldn't get out...but that the "good guys" won in the end.

Our other stop at Pearl Harbor was a visit to the USS Missouri. We were practically the only people there that early in the morning. It was neat to see...but I think Perry was pretty freaked out by the thought of being on a battleship...even though we assured him over and over that it was going to neither sink...or float out to sea.

By this point in the day we were starving and headed to Chinatown for a quick and yummy lunch at the Little Village Noodle House and some meandering the ever interesting city streets. 

From there we let P decide whether to head back to the hotel or go explore the Honolulu Zoo. We didn't want to push him to keep going if he was totally over the tourist thing and needed a break. But he picked the Zoo so off we went. We visited this zoo 8 years ago on our honeymoon in Hawaii and it was fun to be back there this time with a little one in tow.

We saw elephants, giraffes, rhinos...and on and on. Perry's favorite were the Fennec Foxes because they were "soooooo cute." After spending an hour or two exploring the zoo and gazing at animals we headed back to Aulani before rush hour traffic set in (because Honolulu at rush hour is no joke and should be avoided at all costs) to relax for the evening.

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