A day in western Oahu

Friday, February 24, 2017

Our last day of adventuring out on the island of Oahu - before we nestled into the resort for a few days of "staycation" - was spent out in the waters to the west. We had already turned in the rental car so we had to take a taxi a few miles up the road to the Waianae marina. I had done some research online looking at boating excursions and knew that I didn't want to book any of the ones through the hotel...which are over priced and have a million people packed onto a boat like sardines.

However thanks to TripAdvisor I found a small semi-private whale watching and snorkeling adventure with great reviews (Wild Side Specialty Tours). We met our boat, crew, and few other fellow passengers and set sail for the morning.

We tracked a handful of humpback whales...the ones that spend their summers in Alaska spend their Januarys in Hawaii (sounds like a good life to me)...and tons and tons of dolphins.

We got out in the water with the dolphins and learned how to swim and snorkel with them without totally terrorizing them. The water was not all that clear (like not at all) so really the best views were from the surface of the dolphin fins swimming all around us.

This was about as good as our underwater view got...if you squint real hard you can see the dolphin that was swimming just below.

Perry went out in the water with us. He is definitely a timid child and oh so opinionated...and often enters a new situation with extreme caution. It is a quality that will serve him well in a lot of cases (and maybe save him a few more broken bones) but sometimes we end up a little frustrated when he vehemently objects to doing something really fun (and safe) like swimming with dolphins, or going down a water slide or roller coaster on account of being "scared." So we ultimately carried him into the water against his will...and you know what? He loved it. And did not get eaten by a whale or whatever other irrational fear was going through his mind. We got back on board and he said "that was fun." lol.

The staff of the boat were wonderful with Perry and taught him all kinds of things about whales and dolphins. I think they liked having our little guy on board....see evidence A below.

A simple lunch was included with our tour and so we ate and scouted some more humpback whales as we cruised back to the marina. It was a really fun way to spend a beautiful morning in Hawaii!

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