Character chasing at Aulani

Saturday, February 25, 2017

One of Perry's (and ours to be honest) favorite parts of a disney trip is finding and interacting with characters. P loves it and always has...running up and giving them big bear hugs, getting autographs and saying cheese like a pro. Aulani, the disney vacation club resort in Oahu, has all the vibes of a Hawaiian escape with a little Disney fun sprinkled here and there. Characters are not everywhere in your face like they are in a Disney park and you have to work a little harder to find them but they are there.

The routine is that you call the "character line" on the phone each morning to hear the list of character meet and greets for the day. We never caught a consistent theme or pattern...though I am sure one exists in the big picture. They were mostly in the middle of the when we went off-site around the Island we typically missed them...and played catch up later on in the week while we were just hanging at the hotel. I think that over the course of the week we met everyone...even the elusive Duffy and Shelly bears (which you can't even meet at Disney World anymore...but are wildly popular with Asian tourists...and therefore are hanging out in Hawaii).

Here are a few of my favorite moments and pictures from our week of character interactions around Hawaii...

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