Hawaii or Bust

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We found an awesome deal on flights to Hawaii out of Nashville which ended up being a better plan than we thought considering the weekend we left there was a "blizzard (read

It was so nice to leave the frigid cold icy temps and head to tropical Hawaii...we dressed for our destination and looked quite silly walking into Nashville's airport with light weight clothes, flip flops and no coats.

We left Nashville super early in the morning and landed in Hawaii late afternoon. Despite a mild dose of benedryl, Perry didn't sleep a wink on the planes but crashed the minute we got in the rental car after landing. And was totally down for the count at that point. He slept all the way through the drive to the hotel, checking into the hotel and getting into our room. Andrew and I even ended up grabbing something to take back and eat in the room for dinner because he was not going to wake up for anything. So we got settled in and called it an early night too thanks to the time change and a long day of travel. 

This was our room at Aulani, it was nice and a lot like most Disney Vacation Club studio villa rooms at Disney World and anywhere else...but there were Hawaiian and Disney touches throughout. Perry slept on the pull out sofa each night.

The next morning we got to see more of the resort that we were going to call home for the next week and a half. And it is just spectacular! The grounds are beautiful and the pools and lazy river are so fantastic and fun. The beach is calm and protected, nestled in a lagoon. 

More to come on all the fun we had both at the resort and away exploring the rest of the Island of Oahu.

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