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Nursery sneak peek

Monday, March 13, 2017

The switchover of the nursery from blue to pink is well underway. Still not done...we are missing a glider and some more art on the walls but it is getting there. Last weekend I took care of one of the biggest things on the "to-do" list in the form of a DIY abstract painting to go over the crib.

I found some things I liked on etsy...all of which were being sold for way more than I wanted to pay...and thought "hey, it's abstract...I can probably do that myself." Easier said than done, but in the end it got done. And the room is starting to look fit for a precious little girl.

More details and pics once we get it all finished, but this is just a little sneak peek of how it is all coming together. The theme? Pretty much just frilly and pink. <3 p="">

Jump, Jump!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

We spent the morning today at Pump it Up, the inflatable party place in town to celebrate Lily's 4th birthday. Lily is in Perry's class at school, and is one of the sweetest little girls on the planet. Perry had a blast playing on all the inflatables.


After an hour of jumping, and sliding, and playing the kids retreated to the party room for pizza, cake and favors. Trolls are the big thing these days apparently (evidenced by the fact that Perry has been to two troll parties in two weeks). 

Happy birthday Lily! Thanks for being such a sweet friend to Perry and letting him help celebrate you today!

Our little t-ball player

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Perry is playing his first ever season of t-ball this spring. After Cove Park changed their rules this year and aren't allowing four year olds to play, we ended up registering at Owens Cross Roads Recreation. Turns out it is pretty much in our backyard, is much cheaper, and so far has been full of sweet people.

Perry has had two practices so far and has his first game next weekend. Having never played before he is still very much learning the basics of hitting and fielding, along with all his teammates. His team is the Ninjalinos (much to Perry's he said he does not want to be a villain). Our Saturday mornings for the next 7 weeks or so will be spent at the ball park and we are looking forward to it. Hopefully Clara will stay put and not make an early appearance into the world and to the ballpark. :)

Practice Friday night was frigid and many of the other kiddos were out of town (this thing called spring break that we aren't affected by yet). So we made it short and sweet and practiced each thing a little bit. We need to get Perry hitting the ball, not the tee...that is his major practice edge right now.

Two birthdays and a baby shower

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The last few weeks have been full of parties. Ben's birthday, Perry's best buddy Sully's birthday, and a sweet baby shower for our friends Brittany and Erik (and baby Kinsey on the way). And we aren't done yet...Perry has another friend birthday party this weekend.

We can't wait to meet baby Kinsey when she gets here in just a few more weeks. I have a feeling that she and Clara are going to be great friends being just weeks apart in age and growing up together in lifegroup. Reagan, Gina and I helped throw a little couples shower a couple weeks ago to celebrate and shower Brittany and Erik with love and gifts and diapers with funny messages written on them (cause there is nothing better than a funny diaper at 2 am).  We went with a pink/navy plane theme to match Kinsey's nursery.

Ben turned 10 last week. I can't believe how big he is getting. Seems like yesterday we were driving from Auburn to meet him in the hospital for the first time. He has grown into such an awesome kid with such a sweet heart. And he is so good to Perry who thinks he is just the coolest ever. We had a little family gathering last weekend to celebrate him with presents, burgers and cake of course.

And we are so thrilled to have Sully and his family back here in Alabama and at Mayfair. Perry missed his best buddy so much while he and his family moved out to Texas for a year. Sully just turned 4 and had a fun Trolls themed birthday party at The Little Gym on Sunday. Daddy was on birthday party duty for this one, as I was getting on a plane to DC that day for a work meeting.

We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends to do life with week in and week out - and help celebrate the big events and milestones in their lives. Love these people!

Fun around Aulani

Monday, March 6, 2017

I am going to wrap up our Hawaiian vacation posts with kind of a mix of pictures and stories from the (several) days we spent relaxing and playing at the resort.

Our favorite pastimes were lounging in rafts along the lazy river and watching Perry splash and play in the super awesome splash pad (which was really an entire playground of water). We really didn't spend too much time in the ocean at the resort...because the water temps were chilly. But we enjoyed playing in the sand in the early evenings when the sun was going down.

I can't even count how many hours we probably spent in the lazy river (above). Perry's favorite was just getting carried around in his water wings while mom and dad floated in a raft...I think we used this as an acceptable "nap time" activity multiple days.

There was a breakfast buffet with characters that we did twice (first morning and last morning). Mickey met us on the way in and then several other characters came by the table. It was a great meal with lots of options and a good hearty way to start a day.

And snacks...we had our fair share of mickey bars, dole whips and shave ice at the resort. 

There is a kids club right there at the resort called Auntie's Beach House, where Perry could go and play (for free) any time of the day. There were some scheduled activities that you could sign kids up for and then open free time the rest of each day. Perry LOVED it. Auntie's had rooms dedicated to all kinds of activities (movies, games, arts and crafts, playground, etc) and he could move between them and do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Needless to say it was hard to get him out of there...and Andrew and I had some precious time to ourselves to eat, wander the beach at sunset and enjoy the adult pool areas on our own. There were a few open house times when we could go in and play at Aunties with P...and it was clear why he loved it so much.

We had one really nice dinner planned just the two of us at Ama Ama (the nicest restaurant at the resort). The food was great and we were able to watch the sun set from our table.

In the evenings there were several scheduled story times around the firepit. We heard from "Uncle" and Moana about the history of Oahu and the rest of the Hawaiian islands.

And a few other totally random pics from our week in paradise:

And that's a wrap. Until next time Hawaii!

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