Aulani luau night

Saturday, March 4, 2017

...also known as the night we got family "tattoos."

I mentioned previously about our change of luau plans mid-trip. We originally planned to go to a luau while at the Polynesian Cultural Center but due to a preschooler not feeling well that day we cancelled that reservation and were able to snag some of the last remaining tickets for a luau at Disney's Aulani resort. I think we were quite lucky that it was a slow time of the year because otherwise I am fairly positive getting last minute luau tickets at Aulani would have been a no-go. There is also the well known Paradise Cove luau that happens nightly and is walking distance from Aulani, which would have been a good additional back-up plan.

We were grateful to be able to do a luau literally right in our back yard thought. We went into the evening with relatively low expectations. Not sure why but I think both Andrew and I feared that it would be a little cheesy and not authentic. However spoiler alert...we left thoroughly impressed. While not the most authentic luau you could go to in Hawaii (I mean Mickey did show up at one point...because well Disney), the food and entertainment were fantastic and we had a great time as a family.

The luau started with some built in free time for you to explore different activities, enjoy a drink and get settled at your table. They had a whole host of fun activities to explore...very much targeted towards a child demographic. Perry learned how to string a real flower lei and make poi. We were also greeted with simple shell leis to wear for the evening and take home.

And we all got tattoos...well at least the closest thing any of us will ever get to a tattoo. Essentially we were drawn on with sharpie markers, which promptly washed off the next day in the chlorinated pool. Serious sharpie drawing skills though. Perry was so proud of his fish tattoo.

Food was in the form of an all you can eat buffet. It was all good and there was plenty to go around. Once everyone had a chance to get some food the entertainment started. There were story tellers, singers, hula dancers, flame dancers...everything you would expect from a luau. And for a brief moment Mickey and Minnie showed up and called all the kiddos to the front to do the hula with them (if you look hard you will see Perry to the right of Mickey in the pictures below).

There were two pricing tiers for the event and we went with the cheaper seats...the more expensive ones buy you closer to the front seating, getting food first, a nicer lei, and more drinks. We didn't miss any of those things and still had a great view.

After the show the performers were out to meet guests and take pictures.

And then one of the best parts was once the event all we had to do was walk across the lawn and we were back in our hotel building (this also came in handy when P needed a little bottom half wardrobe change during the show...bless him trying not to have to get up to go potty).

Super fun night!

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