Our little t-ball player

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Perry is playing his first ever season of t-ball this spring. After Cove Park changed their rules this year and aren't allowing four year olds to play, we ended up registering at Owens Cross Roads Recreation. Turns out it is pretty much in our backyard, is much cheaper, and so far has been full of sweet people.

Perry has had two practices so far and has his first game next weekend. Having never played before he is still very much learning the basics of hitting and fielding, along with all his teammates. His team is the Ninjalinos (much to Perry's dismay...as he said he does not want to be a villain). Our Saturday mornings for the next 7 weeks or so will be spent at the ball park and we are looking forward to it. Hopefully Clara will stay put and not make an early appearance into the world and to the ballpark. :)

Practice Friday night was frigid and many of the other kiddos were out of town (this thing called spring break that we aren't affected by yet). So we made it short and sweet and practiced each thing a little bit. We need to get Perry hitting the ball, not the tee...that is his major practice edge right now.

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