Aint No Party like a Batman Party

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We have officially graduated from the days when mommy got to pick birthday party themes and have moved head first into the world of a preschooler with lots of opinions. In discussing potential 4th birthday themes Perry through out a few options that I quickly vetoed (at least I still reserve that right...after all I do have to plan the thing), before suggesting Batman which sounded do-able and very fun.

And fun we had! We had his party at the church again - which is just perfect for providing a blank canvas of a big room to decorate and let kids run around in.

We kept the food super simple...sandwiches, veggies, fruit, cheese and crackers, popcorn, rice krispie treats and of course cake. Heather at Slice at a Time hit it out of the park again on his cake/cupcake tower. The backdrop I made...crafted a city scene and bat signal on a large piece of cardboard that I simply propped up on the table....worked great!

The kids all sat at a low table (er large piece of plywood atop cinder blocks) in the middle of the room...a trick that I tried and loved last year. It is fun having them all together. Meanwhile the adults were left to duke out spots around a few high top tables sprinkled around. It was beautiful chaos.

For fun, the kids played with a smattering of batman toys we brought from home, took turns getting locked up in the city jail (complete with handcuffs), decorated their own super hero masks (foam stickers for the non-messy win) and played a beanbag toss game. 

Favors were flashlights that I had DIY'd little vinyl batman symbols onto the face of, so that when it shines it makes a bat signal. Super easy and cute. And of course we had everyone sign a batman book...a tradition we have been doing (having guests sign a book that goes along with the party theme) since Perry's first Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday.

Then...when everyone was playing and totally unexpecting...a set of villains came and crashed the party. We have amazing friends...who clearly love Perry a whole lot...that were willing to dress up with Andrew as batman villains and be totally try to steal the cake, money bags and presents...and be tackled and thrown in jail by preschoolers. Thanks Travis, Chad, and made the party so fun and memorable! We actually got them together a couple weeks ahead of time and filmed an intro video...of the villains plotting to come and crash Perry's party to steal the presents. And we played the video up on the big screen as if it was a live feed from the villain hideaway...and had them come sneaking in about 5 minutes later. Just watch the progression. I love it!

Eventually a police man (ahem Jay) comes to the rescue and helps Perry toss those pesky villains in jail and hauls them off. Then they all come back in to take bows and pictures...and the Joker blesses the food so we can all start eating. Sentences you never think you will type. lol.

Batman and his Villains! Perry was surprised for sure...and it took him a minute to figure out these creatures were actually our friends just pretending (especially long for Travis there on the left...who is full on creepy in that white face paint and crazy joker hair). But once he did he thought it was hilarious. Success.

Soon enough it was cake time. We all sang, and Perry got very serious about blowing out his candles. 

So thankful for our village...all of our family and friends that came out to help us celebrate our little boy turning 4. I can't believe we have a 4 year old seems and is soooo big! Happy Birthday Perry. I am so glad you enjoyed your much as I enjoyed putting it all together. Seeing you love it makes it all worth it!

Photo Cred: Nathan Bivens

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