Child labor on Mars?

Monday, April 3, 2017
Do child labor laws apply on other planetary bodies? Because we definitely put Perry to work shoveling gravel on Mars this weekend. It was the annual NASA Rover Challenge out at the Space and Rocket Center that we volunteer at every year. Partly because it is just fun and partly to remember my mom and how she poured herself into making the race a reality many years ago. Perry has grown up at these races ever since he was a tiny baby (we will never forget that terrible sunburn he got).

This year he was finally big enough to really work...which was good timing since this very pregnant mama didn't have a lot of business shoveling gravel all morning. The shovel may have been taller than Perry but he did great with it, using it to smooth the treads made by each passing rover.

Doesn't he look official? 

Perry told all the passerbys that he was "official" which mean that he was allowed to be there. Sweet boy is very into learning new words and meanings lately.

We had an awesome obstacle location, right under the shuttle with views of the start and finish line so we got to see lots of action. Not to mention it was an absolutely beautiful spring Saturday in Alabama. 

Perry thought the whole experience was the best thing ever. He told me during one of many potty breaks (thanks to a tiny toddler bladder and a pregnant bladder) that it was the "best day, and that he wants to dream about moonbuggies every night!" Another rover challenge is in the books and it was a blast (pun intended lol). 

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