He Is Risen Indeed

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

And then to finish off our Easter weekend festivities with the most important one...Easter Sunday...and the celebration of our risen savior.

Perry is learning the story too. He can verbalize what happened on the cross ("Jesus died") and "that he didn't stay dead but came back to life 3 days later." I pray that he continues to grow in that knowledge and internalize what it means and how much Jesus loves him.

The Easter bunny paid a little visit to our house Saturday night. Perry really wanted to leave some carrots out for him, so we did. And he was thrilled to see that they were partially nibbled the next morning, alongside his basket filled with goodies. His favorite treats were some joke books (he is really into trying to tell jokes lately). Clara got a little basket of sweet goodies as well.

We went to church and celebrated our Jesus and then headed over to the Eckleys for a family lunch.

After we all had our fill of ham, deviled eggs, strawberry salad and the likes...we retired to the porch and backyard where we did some egg hunts (and even a reverse egg hunt where the kids hunted the eggs for the 30-something aged parents to find) and the kids played with kites that Matt's parents had brought for them.

It was a Happy Easter Indeed.

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