Chattanooga Creative Discovery Museum

Monday, June 19, 2017

This past Sunday we spent the day playing at the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN. It was awesome. We thought that Perry might be at the perfect age for this kind of thing...and boy were we right. He seriously loved every single minute of it...running from exhibit to exhibit and interacting with all the different activities.

We got there right at 10 am when they opened. We were literally the first people they let in and it afforded us a chance to stay one step ahead of the crowds that descended as the day went on which was really nice. 

There was a really neat indoor playground right as we went in that had drawn Perry's eye from the street...but our cautious little boy much preferred the interactive educational exhibits to climbing to heights and and sliding down which was a-ok by me. 

The first stop was a water play area that was a lot more than just fun...Perry got to play with water flow making different patterns with movable channel walls and a lock/gate system. Pretty sure he could have stayed here all day.

Next stop was the dinosaur room where there was a big sand pit with buried dinosaur bones to find. They even had cute little vests and tools for kids to use to make them really feel the part of a paleontologist. Our dinosaur loving boy was in heaven. Pretty sure he could have stayed in here all day too.

But we encouraged him along. There was a pretend doctor room, an art room, a music room, and makers room where Perry worked on his engineering skills putting little cubes together that have different actions to make a system. One color gave power, another gave a sensor, and another did an action. And so on and so on. He loved manipulating it and making it do different things...adding a cube to go slower, faster, reverse. His engineer granddaddy and my mom would be so proud. :)

There was also a big Eric Carle exhibit upstairs where he played in grass like a caterpillar, made a spider web, and decorated a butterflies wing. 

In the music area there was a cool room that you could move around in that created visuals of you moving up on a big screen. It was fun to be crazy and see what the screen would do. Pictures don't exactly do it justice...but you get the picture. It was fun.

If you find yourself in or near Chattanooga with kiddos I highly recommend you check out the Creative Discovery Museum. It is awesome!

Meanwhile Clara was a trooper and enjoyed the sights and sounds. And worked on her smile. :)

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