One. Month. Old.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


You have been on this earth one whole month now. It doesn't seem possible it has been that long...the moments, days, and weeks are passing all too quickly. You are changing and growing every day...sometimes literally 2 ounces in one day and we are trying to savor every bit of your baby-hood.

You are such a sweet and good baby. You love to eat and sleep most of all, but are beginning to be awake a little more and look around. We have settled into a pretty good little routine of feeding times and you are consistently up just once at night between 10 pm and 7 am, usually around 2:30 am or so. You eat and go right back to sleep so it is really not so bad at all. And momma doesn't mind middle of the night snuggles.

As of your actual one month birthday you were weight in at 8 lb 10 oz. Not sure on length as we don't see the pediatrician again until your two month mark. Your hair is strawberry blonde. We think. Really depending on the day and lighting it ranges from very blonde to pretty red. Time will tell what it ends up. Your eyes are still very blue.

We try to do some "tummy time" every day. You tolerate it for a while usually...sometimes it just puts you right to sleep. You like your swing, but only if you are swinging fast...maybe you will be our less cautious child. :)

This month has been spent trying to get into a good solid routine and a lot of time at home with some excursions to stores, restaurants, starbucks, etc. Mommy will do a post here soon with some looks at all the fun we have had the last few weeks. Next month is sure to have even more adventures including your first toe dip in the ocean!

Your big brother loves you and is a good helper taking care of you. He makes sure everyone who comes near you washes their hands first!

We love you so much sweet girl! Happy one-month birthday!

~Mommy and Daddy

...and a little glimpse at real life...photographing a one month old is not easy.

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