Tennessee and It's Aquarium

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This past weekend for Fathers Day we went up the road to Chattanooga for a night to see the sights, eat some good food, and spend time together as a family (see previous post for our Sunday fun there). We loaded up Saturday morning (including all the stuff you need to travel with a 7 week old) and headed north. We of course had to stop at the Tennessee state line to document Clara's entry into a second new state (Florida was the first...more on that later). She is doing good on her travel bucket list in her short little life so far. 

Perry really loves fish, whales, and other critters of the water so we knew he would love the aquarium. And of course he did. We have been before but not in quite a while. We all had fun playing together, looking at all the animals and enjoying an attraction that was indoors and in air conditioning away from the summer heat. For a moment we had flirted with the idea of going to a zoo instead for the weekend but quickly came to our (climate controlled loving) senses.

Perry's favorite animals of the day were the penguins (what he said he was most looking forward to on our way there), sharks, lion fish, and sea dragons. Walking around the aquarium we were impressed by his knowledge of all things sea creatures. Thank you Disney for Octonauts. 

We successfully caught a butterfly on our hands and Perry got to touch a live snake. He has a relatively new interest in all things creepy crawly (spiders, snakes, etc) but has a healthy dose of fear too. We were shocked when he walked right up to that snake and touched it. Only after he clarified that it was not poisonous with the handler of course. He is turning into such a big kid.

Clara did a lot of hanging out in her stroller snoozing, but did enjoy getting out and looking at the fish some. And I can't forget to give a shout out (or a head shake) to the man in the aquarium elevator that looked at her (dressed as seen below) and called her a boy. Seriously...bow...fluffy bubble smocked outfit? Oy.

Between the aquarium, the creative discovery children's museum and all the amazing food we ate it was an awesome Fathers Day weekend away. We often forget how close we are to Chattanooga when we are thinking of places to go for a weekend and we need to get up there more often than we do.

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