Interview with a 4.5 year old

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy half birthday sweet boy! Today Perry turns 4.5 years old and is officially closer to 5 than he is 4. I don't know where my baby and toddler have gone but he looks and talks so much like a big kid these days....and it is so fun. I love driving in the car playing games like "I am thinking of a disney character" and "naming the letter that all the things we see start with." And discussing the words and meanings behind all the signs we pass. He loves telling jokes (and thanks to the Easter bunny he has some books with real jokes in them now rather than the totally ridiculous ones he was making up), solving math problems, writing words...he is learning so much every day. And most of the time is an absolute joy to be around. The rest of the time? Yes he sometimes likes to prove that he is most definitely still a kid that doesn't like to not get his way.

Every year since he has been old enough to talk we have done the same little interview with him on his half birthday. It has been fun to see how his answers have changed over the years. Take a look back at his 3.5 year old interview and 2.5 year old interviews.

Without further adieu here is our interview with 4.5 year old Perry...

What is your name: Perry

How old are you: four

What color is your hair: Red

Who are your friends: Hunter, Alex, Greg, Ms. Laura, Adeline, and God

Who is your best friend: Alex

What is your favorite food: Pancakes

What is your favorite drink: Gatorade

What is your favorite color: Green

What is your favorite animal: Chameleon

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV: PJ Masks

What is your favorite song: the PJ Masks song...well I like all kinds of songs

What is your favorite book: my dinotrucks books

What is your favorite thing to do inside: play a game

What is your favorite thing to do outside: play on my playground equipment (yes he said equipment lol)

What does your mom say: listen and obey

What does your dad say: the same thing as mom

What do you want to be when you grow up: an astronaut and a zoo keeper

Yep we have gained some new friends, lots of new favorites, and a new future occupation from last year. I personally love that God made his friends list. And that he apparently he wants to be a zoo keeper in space. :)


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