June Round-up

Monday, July 3, 2017
Beyond of the big and exciting things that warrant their own post on the blog, there are lots of little moments that fill up the rest of our little family's life. And they need a home here too...because those everyday memories are some of the sweetest. So here is a look back through the month of June.

1. Perry worked on his writing and word skills. After asking how to spell the word "England" he proudly presented this piece of paper where he had written a complete sentence all by himself. And much to his dismay...Alex is still in England but will be back soon.

2. Perry had his end of the t-ball season party where he finally got his much anticipated participation trophy. Here he is with his coach Brandi. He had a great time with his fellow Ninjalinos this season. He says he wants to play again next year, but after he plays soccer this fall.

3. We have resurrected our summer tradition of Sunday night pizza and pool nights with sweet friends.

4. Miss Clara had her two month check up and she is doing awesome! This was right after her traumatic first set of shots. She took them like a champ.

5. We met up with Papaw (and Aunt T and Aunt Kay) for lunch at Mellow Mushroom after preschool one day.

6. Perry and I had a mommy/son date to Big Spring Park to feed the ducks, and geese, and fish.

7. Perry got a subscription to the Clubhouse Jr magazine from Granna, and it makes for good reading on the commute to preschool in the mornings. Talk about looking like a big kid...

8. If you read Perry's half birthday interview in the previous post you know that his favorite outside pastime is playing on his playground. We have done plenty of that this summer.

9. We had a fun cookout over at the Garretts house and Perry is getting better and better at holding his baby sister. Largely because baby sister is getting better and better at holding her own head up. 

10. While the Eckleys were out of town we went to go check on and play with Sam the cat a couple of times. 

11. We went to the EarlyWorks childrens museum one morning and got to meet Chase from Paw Patrol.

12. And we did a little crafting with footprints and paint to make a tribute to some of our favorite super heros for daddy. This picture is missing the finishing touches I did with a Sharpie, but you get the idea. From left to right Clara's feet are Superman and Iron Man, and Perry's feet are Batman and Spiderman.

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