Clara's Closet I

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Some of the best parts of having a little girl are the bows, dresses, and ruffles. It has been an absolute joy to fill Clara's closet with tiny and precious garbs and dress her each day. It might be a little (or not so little) obsession. :)

Thankfully if you do it right, you can sell boutique clothes when you are finished wearing them for what you paid (plus some if you are lucky) to fund the next season. So it is kind of a revolving closet. I put that caveat in there for when Clara reads this years from now and thinks I am crazy (or for anyone else who might think that)...and I will own that perhaps I am a little bit.

Regardless I am going to periodically do some posts collecting some of her recent OOTDs (outfits of the day) for posterity sake. Feel free to keep on scrolling if baby girl clothes are not your thing.

Bubble: Well Dressed Wolf (Josie)

Bow: Livieloos

Dress: Nelly Madison (Birthday Cupcake Hannah)
Bow: Livieloos

Dress: Omi Jo (Vintage Floral Market)
Bow: Livieloos

Bubble: Kelly's Kids

Dress: Anavini Baby

Dress: Well Dressed Wolf (Creamsicle Maddie)

Tunic Set: Well Dressed Wolf (Lucy Tunic)

Dress: Nelly Madison (Country Rose Blooms Hannah)

Dress: Omi Jo (Periwinkle Dancer)

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