Redefining Rush Hour

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Backpack. Nap mat. Work bag. Coffee. Travel cup milk and a pack of mini muffins. Shoes (yes I once got all the way to preschool and realized Perry did not have shoes...which resulted in an unplanned Target run at 7:30 in the morning...just keeping it real here). Outgoing mail. Tuition.

Mornings are anything but relaxed when you are trying to get out the door for work and preschool. And more times than not I find myself running 3.4 minutes behind where I want to be and am telling Perry to "hustle" and "what's our family motto?" (Answer: No Dawdling)

But eventually we get everyone and everything (hopefully) in the car and we head out over the mountain for preschool drop off. This gives me and my boy approximately 20 minutes (on a good traffic day) of dedicated one on one time.

Our favorite things to do on the drive are play games, listen to songs, and discuss upcoming plans. We plan trips and decide what movie we want to watch next. Our most favorite thing to do is play "I'm thinking of a Disney Character, that starts with the letter...." or "I'm thinking of an animal, that starts with the letter...." One person things of the item and the other person guesses and asks questions until they get it right. And we take turns back and forth.

The Disney Character category we are about evenly matched. But animals? That boy has me beat hands down. His specialty is sea creatures (thank you Octonauts on Netflix), and he has quite a knowledge base of all that lives in the ocean.

This week the letter W was brought to us by the Weddell Seal and the letter S was brought to us by the Slime Eel. No hints in the world were going to get me to guess those. When I ask for hints I get things like "well mom it lives in the twilight zone" (ok that is really no help...the twilight zone is deep right?). Long gone are the days where his animal repertoire stopped with Cat, Dog, and Cow.

Even though he schools me at the game, I covet those precious moments in the car where I get to see what all he knows and get to spend quality time with my kid. I know the day will come when he is way to cool to play games with his mom in the car - so until then I will choose to enjoy our rush hour commutes. And offer myself the gentle reminder that the more cycles of a light I have to sit through and the more crowded the traffic is - it is buying me a few extra moments of parenting gold.

What are your go-to games, topics, and activities for your family commute time? I could use some new ideas...that maybe require less sea creature knowledge!


Perry: "Mommies do not get to hunt for eggs at Easter. That is a privilege that only kids get to do."

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