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Interview with 5.5 year old Perry

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Perry is officially 5 and a half, and is every day turning more and more into a mature big kid and no longer a little boy. Don't get me wrong he still loves to pretend and imagine, and be a total goof ball sometimes - he is a boy after all. But he is also thoughtful, obedient, and independent.

He is gearing up to start kindergarten and elementary school this fall and is 100% ready. He amazes us every day with his reading, math skills, and general desire to learn anything he can. Perry you are one really great kid...and an absolutely amazing big brother. Happy half birthday P!

Every year on his half birthday we have asked him a consistent set of questions. It has been fun to see how his answers have evolved and changed over time. Below is his new 5.5 year old interview and here are links to his 2.53.5, and 4.5 year versions.

Interview with 5.5 year old Perry:

What is your name: Perry

How old are you: five

What color is your hair: orangish and blondish

Who are your friends: Hunter, Jack, and Sully

Who is your best friend: (after a long pause and acknowledgement that this is a hard question) Hunter

What is your favorite food: quiche

What is your favorite drink: water, because it's healthy

What is your favorite color: orange

What is your favorite animal: lizard

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV: Magic School Bus

What is your favorite song: God bless the USA

What is your favorite book: PJ Masks

What is your favorite thing to do inside: play games, like Hi Ho Cheerio

What is your favorite thing to do outside: play baseball

What does your mom say: "buckle"

What does your dad say: "eat your food"

What do you want to be when you grow up: a scientist like my mom

I must say the answer to that last question makes my heart happy. No matter what he ultimately grows up to be I know he will do amazing things. And I think we are solidly in the STEM category...with previous answers including zookeeper, astronaut, and engineer. :)

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